Personal Fulfillment

I offer professional coaching to individuals who are committed to living fulfilled lives and to producing extraordinary results in their lives, in their relationships, in their careers and in their communities.  I am committed that you are able to enhance the quality of your life, achieve your personal and career goals and live a fulfilling, balanced and passionate life.  Below I share a bit about what I see as the opportunity of professional coaching and who might be interested.

the opportunity of professional coaching

In each coaching session, you are able to choose the focus of the conversation.  A professional coach is trained to listen powerfully and to contribute observations and questions that assist you to gain clarity in areas of your life, awareness of what’s important to you and insights as to how you might proceed in your life.  Professional coaching allows you to focus on your values, on your vision of your future and on the action you are committed to taking to realize your dreams.

A professional coach embraces your humanity, listens for your greatness, challenges you, encourages you to take action, and appreciates and fosters your personal journey.  In partnership with your coach, you co-create a safe, supportive and confidential relationship in which you have the power and the freedom to be who you are and all that you can be.

who might be interested in professional coaching

Below are the kinds of people who benefit from a relationship with a professional coach

  • Individuals who are fulfilling their dreams and creating new futures
  • Individuals in transition and facing new challenges
  • Individuals who have projects to accomplish
  • Professionals who are reinventing themselves and their life
  • Professionals who are committed to being more productive and effective
  • Professionals interested in team effectiveness and performance

If there are areas of life in which you want to be fulfilled, and you are not, coaching can be beneficial.  If you want mastery in balancing your commitments and the demands of life, coaching can help.  If you find yourself wondering what is next for you, being curious about your life and what is possible, wanting to follow your dreams and being willing to take action, you may be someone ready for a professional coaching relationship.  If you are committed to taking the step to learn more, I invite you to contact us to request a consultation in which you can explore whether a coaching relationship is the right choice for you and how you might have it work in your life.