Partnership Programs

My partnership programs are designed for couples that are interested in expanding passion, play and partnership in their marriage. In this course, couples will explore what they value and find fulfilling as individuals and as partners. Couples work on an area of their life where they would like to experience greater freedom and power.

Through facilitated activities and fun exercises, couples will envision a future for their marriage that excites and fulfills both of them. By course completion, couples will be aware of and inspired by the special contribution they make to their families, to other couples and to the people in their lives. Couples will experience being deeply connected with each other in new ways.

In my partnership programs, couples have conversations in which they can:

  • explore what is important to them, nurture the “us” of their relationship, and clarify their commitments to each other.
  • examine their unexamined ideas and expectations about marriage, explore the workability in their marriage, and create a powerful sense of team.
  • expand self-awareness by identifying disempowering patterns of thinking and ways of being that get in the way of effectively communicating, solving problems, and resolving conflicts.
  • learn to be powerful partners in creating a long-term vision for their life together and create partnership projects to manifest their dreams.
  • learn to express the wisdom of their relationship, develop their purpose anew and contribute in ways they have never imagined before.

If you are interested in learning more about my work with couples, visit my Partnership Marriage Resources page, where you can see a short video of me speaking about partnership marriage and find complimentary papers outlining various tools for couples to use in designing their partnership.