Partnership Marriage Resources

Here is a video of Andrew L. Miser speaking about partnership marriage.

Below are a number of complimentary reports that you can use as resources to build a partnership marriage:

Connecting with your “Couple-ness” by Andrew L. Miser

The Power of Alignment by Andrew L. Miser

Make an Important Life Choice Together by Andrew L. Miser

The Art of Negotiating Household Tasks by Andrew L. Miser

Visualize your Future Together by Andrew L. Miser

Realize your Dreams Together by Andrew L. Miser

Here are several papers I have written related to partnership marriage with various colleagues.

The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching edited by Michael C. Moral and Geoffrey Abbott. In his book, Andrew L. Miser and Martha Miser have written a chapter entitled, “Couples coaching for expatriate couples: A sound investment for international businesses.”

Adventures in International Living by Andrew L. Miser and Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse

From Challenge to Joy: Transforming Common Dilemma for Parents Raising Children with Developmental and Medical Disabilities by Andrew L. Miser and Susan Rosano