Elysian Enterprises

Through Elysian Enterprises, I provide an array of services and programs. In partnership with a number of associates, I provide:

  • Professional coaching services to individuals and couples, professionals in business, and managers and executives in corporations and governmental agencies;
  • Courses and workshops for couples, including¬†partnership programs that provide tools for couples to create a fulfilling partnership marriage;
  • Visioning and strategic planning facilitation services for non-profit companies and religious congregations;
  • Leadership development services and workshops for managers and for executives in corporations and businesses.

My business name, Elysian Enterprises, was inspired by the 2004 Olympic games in Athens and by the images of the Elysian Fields that, in Greek Mythology, represent a paradise where the Gods sent heroes to enjoy a place of fulfillment, peace, and delight. This was an apt metaphor for the coaching and consultation work in which I am engaged.